Reacting to the Past


What is Reacting?

This award winning pedagogy transcends traditional disciplinary divisions and gives students a unique opportunity to engage in active learning.

Invented by Professor Mark C. Carnes, Barnard College, to enliven his American History classes, it now is available across the curriculum. Reacting consists of elaborate games, set in a specific time and place. Students play sustained roles in a structured 4-week game, speaking and writing in character on issues of the day.


Reacting at UGA

Reacting to the Past was introduced at UGA in Fall 2003 as a two-year pilot project, with the aim of gradually integrating it into the undergraduate curriculum.

Reacting at UGA has now expanded from an initial two courses per year to twelve courses in 2009-2010 and from an initial two departments and programs to nine.

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Reacting to the Past preceptors.



Upcoming Events

Reacting to the Past Conference at University of Georgia


Dates: February 28-March 2, 2014

Athens, Georgia

Contact: Emily Sharp at

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